Newark: It's Your Move

Newark: It's Your Move

Newark’s Business Districts

Newark has established three business districts through the levying of special assessments in order to bolster local economic activity and enhance the quality of life for residents, workers, students and visitors.

Newark Downtown District (NDD)

The NDD is dedicated to revitalizing downtown Newark in myriad ways. The district offers a Façade Improvement Grant Program that offers financial assistance to qualified property owners or tenants seeking to renovate or restore building facades. The NDD “Clean Ambassadors” work hard to keep the sidewalks and pedestrian corridors clean and free of snow, weeds and graffiti. In addition, the Safety Task Force closely monitors public safety.

Ironbound Business Improvement District

The Ironbound is home to more than 530 businesses and 130 restaurants.  Since its inception in 2000, the Ironbound Business Improvement District has upgraded and improved the district by focusing on quality of life issues such as sidewalk and street cleaning, parking changes and pedestrian signage. The organization has embarked on an ambitious streetscape redevelopment plan that will transform the Ferry Street corridor into a first-class shopping, entertainment and restaurant destination.

Mt. Prospect Partnership (MPP)

The MPP is the management corporation of the Mt. Prospect Avenue special improvement district.  According to the MPP, “Our mission is to foster the development of our neighborhood by implementing programs and services that will positively impact our community; by advocating for our businesses and neighborhood through partnerships with our stakeholders and government leaders. We are committed to ensuring the district’s economic growth and vitality; to make Mt. Prospect Avenue a destination district for businesses, residents and visitors alike.”

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